Monday, 28 May 2012

Shirley's Pair Journal - an update

I've been busy beavering away in Shirley's "one word" journal this week - and here are the fruits of my labours

First a couple of minor changes to Shirley's existing pages - I added some rub ons to the intro page (above)

And a deep sea diver to the "words" pocket at the end of the book (below)

Next I got a bit carried away on a page that Shirley had started for me, and turned this:

into this:

Next up, a page to illustrate the word "balance" - I've left plenty of "white space" on this one for Shirley to add to if she gets the urge:

This next page was supposed to be just a background....but then I decided it was the perfect home for the mask I used to make my "Mystery Project" stickers last week, so I stuck him on there.  I've no idea which word this page conjures up - I'll leave that decision to Shirley!

And finally, a background started off with some spraypaint and a stripey paper bag....who knows where this will end up?

This collaboration thang is FUN!

In the post to you tomorrow, Shirley ....


  1. I can't wait to get started stateside. I love watching what you are all doing here.

  2. That's absolutely gorgeous - I was working on Donna's pairs journal last night and it's really starting to come together!

  3. A BIG WOW from me.
    Balance is one thing I need to have in my life sometimes!
    I love all your additions, the diver with the funky fish is perfect.
    Great to have your man make an appearance too, must get my thinking cap on for the word!
    The pink page you have started is so tempting me to get the inks and glue out as soon as it arrives but I must try and resist and get organised for NYC on Friday!
    I just love this project.

  4. love the colours and pages so far

  5. love all the colours on these pages

  6. Fantastic pages, I love how you see each persons style in the pages. Great intense colours with those spray paints!

  7. I particularly like renaissance man - no excuse for being unable to multi task? eh? these pair journals really do inspire...