Wednesday, 9 May 2012


Well it's finally left my paws, my journal is winging it's way to Donna as we speak.  This is the first pairs journal that I've been involved in, I've done circle journals but never a pairs journal and I'm so excited to be starting this.  The lovely aspect of the pairs journal is the chance to enhance art work, just occasionally I've had a circle journal come through my hands and I've wanted to add to the awesome artwork that's contained therein but obviously you are not allowed so I've refrained but this journal actively encourages it.  So rather than continuing for an age trying to get it finished I've sent it with the hope that Donna feels very positive about simply adding to it as she sees fit.  Let's see how the story unfolds.

This is my journal on a simple 6 inch by 6 inch design, chipboard covers and currently small book rings but I've got some super sized if it grows in size and for once a pretty good representation of the cover, made up of embossing folders and die cuts of cogs
 Inside the first page has an image transfer on it, stamping, painting distressing and a title work in progress - maybe once it's finished we could add the world - completed or finished on it to mark the end of the journal.

The pages are made up of some unloved scrapbook papers that I've had forever, some of them are the 6 x 6 design some are larger with folder flaps and some are pockets.
 The back is simple with a bit of stamping and lots of paint.
A pocket in different colours, spray inks, paint and stamps
A fold out page which is pretty much just paper and spray paint at the moment
Folded up
The other side
 Another image transfer page with a slightly grungier image
 And the back - stamped.
 It feels at the moment like I've started the base as it were, there are loads of other pages inside that haven't been started and I've said to Donna to just go for it - for the title of my journal is ANYTHING GOES!

Thank you for looking.



I cannot wait to get those pages Virginia....

And Mine is winging it's way to you, it has a few pages started and contains some stuff, and a small gift for V,  and that's when I realised - We are 'D&V' hmmmm- let's not dwell on that...

I made my journal from leather and khadi papers, with a front eight page 'diary' so that we can record our progress -  my theme is for us to work for just one hour, and it could be ten minutes on a number of pages or a whole hour on one, I blogged the making of the book if you want details, but here it is overall:



  1. Ooh you two working together! This is going to be gooooooooooooood! Can't wait to see this collaboration!

    That cover is gorgeous Virginia, even from here I just want to stroke it!

  2. wow you've done loads already!!

    it looks fab, love the cover especially - looking forward to seeing how this one shakes out

  3. The cover is brill and I love the feeling of freedom it has about it - anything goes. Look forward to seeing what happens next!

  4. Anything Goes really does fire up the imagination.
    Love all the prep pages and so looking forward to watching this journal develop over the coming months.

  5. This pairs journal looks SUCH FUN!! Looking forward to seeing where this goes from here.


  6. love the cover and colours

  7. This looks like lots of fun,will look forward to seeing what happens.

  8. Oh Donna that looks awesome - perhaps D & V is better than any other acronym we could come up with LOL!

  9. Whoooaaaaaaa!!!! would you look at that gorgeous book!!! Donna that's amazing! As for D&V, my son has just recovered from a bout of that lol

  10. Another amazing journal - will watch with anticipation

  11. Lovely book Donna and those pages are just crying out for some great art to go on them.

  12. Wow! Both journals look great! Love the theme anything goes and all the pages you have started. Donna, love the leather journal-Can't wait to see what happens next with your books x

  13. love that beading..very clever...both looking good