Thursday, 3 May 2012

Pair Journal - Sarah's book for Sarah & Shirley collab....

So here we go with another one of those rather funky Japanese Moleskine journals - which I got from fellow Collabor-ARTer Vicki's fab shop.
I'm using mine for my pair journal adventure with Shirley - and the loose theme I have chosen is 'bright colours'

That's the cover up there ^  (not the best photo, sorry, imagine it a little less yellow :) )

Here's the inside front page, have blurred out my address, but you get the general idea.  

The fish are from a flyer I picked up at a gallery show last weekend featuring the lovely bright colourful work of Spanish street artist PEZ - very appropriate for my Bright Colours journal :)

And here are the first two actual spreads:

The first one needs something extra I think - too much white space for my tastes!  Maybe Shirley can beef it up a little for me :)

The second one I'm happier with but am still open to amendments and additions :D

And look how far this thing opens up!  I think there will be enough pages in these books to keep us going for years! :D


PS Shirley - it'll be in the post tomorrow!


  1. WOW!!!!!!! Sarah love this,bet you will both have lots of fun with thisXX

  2. OMG I am going to have so much fun on this project.
    Your journal is stunning Sarah and I just love bright colours.
    I have paints inks and lots of ideas, just hope that the ideas will get from my head to my hand without any problems.
    Really excited now!!!!!!!

  3. Wow that's awesome Sarah - I love it!

  4. Fantastic! Love the sunset page! x

  5. Wowwowowow!That sunset page is fabulous. Will have fun watching this one develop :D

  6. Fabulous colourful pages!!

  7. great happy journal and love the design

  8. Sarah's journal is now with me and after I got over the surprise of the size difference, mine being twice the size, I was thrilled to see all those bright colours in the flesh.
    It is so vibrant and totally Flo style, so looking forward to adding my 'art' onto the pages.