Wednesday, 30 May 2012

D&V Round 3 Part Two

Oh I was a bit slower off the mark than Donna, the first post to do with this swap of the pairs journal is here where you get to see the latest additions Donna has created for my journal.  This post however is the additions I've made to Donna's journal.  The thing that has amazed me about pairs journal is the freedom, the lack of stress and worry the ability to add to each others work.  It isn't something I've really had before even though I've taken part in circle journals they have always been stand alone pieces that I've created.  So to have the freedom to add to a journal as we want I've personally found it incredibly liberating!  Plus Donna enjoys the quick turn around which always keeps me motivated so this is definitely a win win for me!

Now any of you who come along to my blog may know that I possess a time turner (a replica of the one form the Harry Potter films), added to that we've now got a rescued pendulum clock that hubby has fixed that now rings the hour every 17 minutes (I kid you not) so my definition of an hour has strangely got a little mixed up!  What I'm going to show you now is Monday evening's work give or take a whole day on the pendulum clock and only an hour on my time turner!   This is the first page of Donna's journal
and I've added little buildings onto the map!
 Stamped hearts to the hexagons
 Fabric labels from Paddington bear to the fabric page
the layers page - is now feeling more layered
 The flowers page now has some additions, hand stamped, painted with acrylics and attached to the page
 Donna created two gorgeous pages that had a very ocean like feel to them so I added a the bottom part of a mermaid adorned with sequins Donna sent me - and yes my time turner was required for this!
 The opposite page I've painted a turquoise which really makes the clay piece Donna has created and the sea horse pop from the page - don't you think?
 I've extended the picture on the B Movie Style Page that Donna created - don't ask me why it's just something I enjoy doing so the picture reaches the edge of the page on both pages
 And then had a go at creating my own B Movie Style page - not sure I managed it Donna
 Another brand new page
 A canvas page with geometric design that I've started painting with acrylics!
 Another brand new page up close again I've extended the picture on this one!
 Now this was sent on it's merry way yesterday so fingers crossed Donna will get it today or tomorrow.  And I arrived home to the little red card from Royal Mail - so chances are mine's waiting at the sorting office!


  1. Ah Fab yelled out loud - LOVE b movie giant Kitty

    and I really like your 'extensions' also dig the groovy dislocated hip angel...

    My clock needs new batteries - i might change them one day!


  2. LOVE! Yes the B movie page is fabulous. As always you find the most amazing images to use Virginia :D These books really make me grin big smiles.

  3. So much here to look and see,and,all of it amazing.

  4. Love the mermaid tail and the blue page with the angel! The whole journal is looking fantastic x

  5. This is looking AWESOOOOOME!!! My favourite is definitely the B Movie page with the giant kitteh (reminds me of the Goodies :) ) and the blue page with the falling man is brilliant too (more blue :D)