Sunday, 20 May 2012

Pair Journal - Nigel & Siân - the other half

Nigel and I agreed a posting date of May 21st and Im pleased to say I'm ready to pass mine on... phew... I love what Nigel has done and Im excited to work on his journal!
Mine is called "Attitude!" and the "rules" are to interpret that however you see fit! It could be a song, a quote, a splat of paint, an angry rant, or perhaps you could give something an "attitude make-over" - eg Sleeping Beauty wakes herself up, leaves the castle and gets a job... anything! My pieces aren't perfect but as its an ongoing piece of work I've decided that's ok!!! Here's what I've done so far...

Front Cover...

Despite choosing this title myself I spent a long time deciding what to make my first piece about. I thought it being a journal I'd make it a little personal and write about tattooed women... how they are perceived, how they used to be perceived... and what its like to be a "real" one...

The second page folds out to reveal this DLO underneath...

I've written around my head what tattoos I have at the moment. The point is Im not a "performer" like the circus women or the alternative models, Im a "normal" woman with a "normal" job - but we do have one thing in common - and that's ATTITUDE! Hell yeah! :oD


  1. It's looking Fab, great typography on your pages x

  2. Woohoo! Looking forward to getting this and adding some attitude of my own :D

  3. love the colours and attitude

  4. Fabulous journal Sian - it looks great, can't wait to see how Nigel adds to it!

  5. This is looking fantastic - and here's a big HELL YEAH SISTER from another heavily inked girl who doesn't fancy a job in the circus - not yet anyway - not until my beard starts to grow :)

    While you're on, could you do me a favour and post a pic of the mail art postcard you received from Irene if poss? I've seen it on her own blog and I know it's lush :) But it would be cool to have a pic of it on here too, cheers me dear