Friday, 11 May 2012

Pair Journal-Sue and Sami

Sue, I need to send your journal back to you before I fill up all your pages!

It was with some trepidation that I added to Sue's page. I started very carefully by colouring in the little stamped images, when that went ok I added some washi tape, by then I had almost conqured my fear so I added some red spray ink. Phew, it was stressful but I did it!!

I wanted my first page to be a little outside the box..I hope this counts as Alphabetika??

Sue had done the orange and pink background and then I added lots of layers of stencils and stamps. Theres still room to add stuff to this one!

To finish, I spray inked the start of a background page and added some washi tape.

I am gonna try and get your journal back in the post to you today...don't hurry with mine, whenever you are ready
Sami x


  1. Oh Sami that's gorgeous - I'm a little bit like that afraid to start - but wonder when I do whether I'll be able to stop! The work you've done and the added elements are gorgeous!

  2. I absolutely LOVE what you've done with these pages - inspirational!

  3. I think we all feel a little bit worried this first time we work on each others pages, and yet whoo hoo, look what happens when we do - fantastic additions Sami,


  4. Really loving all the additions you have made.
    I am still working up the courage to add to Sarah's pages but you have spurred me on to get started now.

  5. Yay - I am so glad you pulled together the nerve to interact with Sue's existing page - that's where all the fun is with this process....Both your additions to what was already there, plus your new pages, are flipping fantastic - this is going to be an amazing book once it's cooked :)