Monday, 21 May 2012

Pairs Journal: D&V: pagination

okay - so the rule was one hour only - well I think we both broke that rule, second rule was - anything goes - so it's okay that we broke the first rule...I think I may have found a soul mate!

because we only do one hour ( yeah right) you guys can expect this paired journal to bounce frequently between D (me = donna louise rodgers = doone) and V (her = Virginia = she thinks it then I say it...)

on this swap I am working in my own journal, I asked Virginia if she would help me keep a 'diary' of the additions  so that when the pages are 'finished' we will have a record of how long and how many iterations it took to get to the way it ended up being... anyhoo, I suddenly realised we needed reference points (geocache joke somewhere hidden there) so I decided to number all the pages, here are additions and some totally new starts....

the journal has put on weight:
the diary page:

I made a charm tag with the lovely bits Virginia sent me for the Paris page and stamped over the fabric and painted images:

on the next page I added Virginia's "does my bum look big in this' because of course that is what the air head is thinking

which led me to realise I love my art best when is showcases my liberal anarchic communist feminist tendencies, so I also had to add to these pages the counter balance of a women who feared nothing and took male politics and showed it up for the power grabbing veneer it really is...

Look her up - Oriana Fallaci - needless to say she was divinely beautiful...

then I added a beetle page:

and a tag to the story page ( hmm just realised mickey appears twice in the jourrnal now...)

buttons and fabric to the already fabric swatched page

OH I do hope we both add layers and layers of subtle curls to this one -

and these are new starts with one omitted that is for Virginia's eyes only.

and the circles page I forgot to photograph but I added paws and more circles and paper strips
that's it, Virginia will post hers here in a minute too....


Oh Donna I'm loving your book!  Hi All Virginia here, can't wait to work on Donna's book again, these pairs journals are such great fun!  

Here are some of the changes to my book (and yes I too found that my 'hour' is a lot longer than I sometimes profess).  Some of the additions are subtle, some are larger changes and some are brand new pages that I've added.

The inside cover now has 'twin houses' added.

 The White Rabbit has been added and looking a little cross

The word naked - added - but naked what? Honesty? Love, Joy, mmmm - can't decide

The words 'on reflection' added - very subtle but still an addition

The apple and hands added to the gorgeous texture paint that Donna did!

A picture of the Isle of Skye added to the centre of some gorgeous machine stitching that Donna did, this page needs something else, just can't tell what - yet - maybe Donna will know.

 Paint to the back of a page added by Donna - love that the words and narrative are still visible!

 A map page I've added

 this is brand new - the page on the opposite side for Donna's eyes only as it's a little risque LOL, giggled that Donna said the same about her journal!

This page I hated when I started (ignor the lego in the background, said 11 year old was 'arting' with his 3 dimensional building bricks whilst I was photographing).  I've had the arch picture forever in my art journal file and never done anything with it, I added it to the page and hated it even more, but then paint on the page and then added some hand cut leaves on the page and I'm starting to like it, maybe Donna will take it to the next stage

Added words, images and crowns

 A hand stamped image which I've extended

The back of Donna's sewn page painted, stamped and paper added.

A new target page added to the book, which DH shot when we went to a country fair a few years ago I've always wondered what to do with it, then thought it would make a great base to one of the pages

My leather lady, Donna sent me some gorgeous leather pieces which I used to create this page

I'm really pleased with this page

The aperture page in its basic form

An original canvas page that I've added

Can't wait to see Donna's book again!


  1. squealing - tis fabulousness, and I so Have the Thing for the Arch....


    1. I thought you might - with it being a base to the page as I started to add to the leaves I thought - maybe Donna will enjoy adding to this page, wonder what she'd put on it - that's when I stepped away - can't wait to see how this one turns out as we swap back and forth!

  2. This is absolutely brilliant! You two have been really working hard haven't you! They are both looking amazing! Love the apple in the hands image... and yes thank god some women do worry about more than the size of their bums lol.. been reading about Fallaci... now there'a a woman with Attitude!


  3. Well, what can I say..quite speechless at all the fantastic art going on between you! x

  4. Flipping 'eck you two! Soul mates indeed. These are gorgeous!

  5. Blimey! The rest of us have got some serious catching up to do!

    These are glorious, so much detail and so many fantastic pages. Love it!

  6. Incredible pages between the two of you and plenty of them too!
    We are certainly going to have lots of lovely collaborative art to view over the coming months.

  7. Blimey, you two tire me about just reading about all you have achieved :) And you are the ones with the time limit yet your output levels are more than the rest of us combined! There could be a lesson there…maybe when we think we have all the time in the world we over think things and end up getting less done?

    So much eye candy here!

    My favourite bits are Donna’s tribute to Ms Fallaci – can’t say I always agreed with her point of view but by jove she knew how to get it across :) - the beetle page – and that cool rubber-look Mickey mini dress. And Virginia’s apple hands, rifle target, reflected man (the one where you have used him as a mask on the left hand side) and the canvas at the end.