Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Pair journal....Sue and Sam

This is Sams journal......she made me a black inky circle to make me feel at home:) I added some scary baby faces so I feel even more at home now!

 I made this page......

and started this one..............

 and these 3 pages that go together.....

 and this one which is really hard to see.....it's paper doilies stuck to the pages.

This will be in the post to you tomorrow Sam, I hope you like what I did and I wasn't too messy:) I tend to get stuff on pages it's not meant to be on!


  1. Oh wow - I wrote the word aperture on a piece of card as a prompt for when I get Donna's book back, loving what you've done with this!

  2. Really like the "holey" pages

  3. Really brilliant pages, love the baby faces.

  4. Sue, It looks fantastic! I LURVE the holey page..I would never have thought to do anything like that, my mind is buzzing with ideas now of how we can add to it! Can't wait to see it in the flesh x

  5. so far so good - love the scary babies

  6. This is fantastic - the baby faces will haunt me in my nightmares tonight but they are very Sue :) And I LOVE the tunnel pages - they look like they have been burnt away but am guessing that effect has been cleverly achieved via distress inks or something fancy like that :)

  7. yippee looks like you inspired a fabulous aperture for my book - this is fabulous...