Friday, 5 July 2013


This journal is still currently in my possession and won't be winging it's way to Donna until I hear from her to send it on special delivery.  However, that doesn't stop me posting what I've done on the journal

First up my entry - the track We are Young by Fun.  Within the lyrics are the words, my friends were in the bathroom flying higher than the Empire State.  So I had to recreate the Empire State building, I refrained from adding a bath (or bathroom come to that), I sprayed the background fabric with fabric paint which was misbehaving and created the 'splats'  I then machine stitched my interpretation of the Empire State building with a mix of straight and applique stitch.  Then I added a blue fabric pen to fill in the sky, hand cut the felt clouds and stitched them on.

I almost added a silhouette of a person flying in the sky but decided against it as I was please with what I'd done up to this point and didn't want to spoil it.  
Then it was time to add to other entries, Sarah's entry is sooooooooo lovely, I added a little tiny amount of applique stitching in places around the page, similar to the bit you can see near the 'knee bit' on the silhouette (can't see it - I told you it was subtle!)
 Then I add a quilted stitch around the picture
 Close up you can see the machine stitch
 I added further machine stitching to the squares on this and a gold tie back to the curtain.
 That you can see slightly better here.
 And the stitching here
On this one I went over the words in an applique stitch - really putting my machine through its paces to get the letters done - as there were quite a few tight corners.  I also added yellow applique to the top of the heart that you can just about make out.
 Up close you can see the lettering.
On this entry more machine stitching, edging the bottom of the skirt elements and adding decorative stitches.
 Up close
 Tiny amount of additional elements on this - machine stitch top bottom and right
 Which you can see better here
 and here
 and finally to this piece I added the white applique stitch across the piece
 Which you can see better here.
So it's ready for it's last leg of the journey - when Donna is ready!


  1. Yaaaay I'm so glad a curtain was added to my entry - I really wanted to add one but I'm just not artistic when it comes to fabric at all :) I love everything you've done Virginia you're so talented :) xx

    1. Hi Sian I didn't add the curtain it was already on when I got it (and it's so cute) I added the tie back to create the dramatic theatrical effect!

  2. Oh wow Virginia, I love it all!!! You did so much, I love all the stitching. That's also the first time I've seen the Chess piece (oh, a pun!!), love that too.
    Thanks - can't wait to get it back now! xx

  3. Gorgeous - you are so clever with that machine!

  4. I added the curtain as it was suggested! It's always difficult to add to anothers' work - but your stitching does the trick

  5. I love this, some great additions. You certainly put your machine through its paces


  6. doh - I thought I had commented on this one already - Virginia you are a MASTER with that machine, wow! I love love love your Empire State page and all the super cool tweaks you have made to the other pages. brilliant!!