Sunday, 21 July 2013

Virginia's CJ

 My page 'See you at the show' from The Long Road album from Nickleback depicted with acrylic paints
 Subtle additions to other pages mainly using paint and stencils - additions to front and back pages now it's finished it can be posted home!!!


  1. OMG - it's looking fabulous - thank you thank you thank you!

  2. it is absolutely gorgeous, love all your finishing touches Pat, and can't wait to see each oen completed...


  3. Oh my goodness I agree! These pages are gorgeous! I love the blue especially - but wow, there's a lot of eye candy here!
    Thank you for your sweet Summer of Color message - I look forward to more next Summer.
    Yours, Kristin xoxo

  4. oops i thought I had commented on this one already - LOVE that bridge! and all your additions too