Sunday, 28 July 2013


Well it has to be said that Donna and I really must be coming to the end of this journey with our journals because they are getting harder and harder to work on - why?  Because they are so full - here is Donna's journal from the top - see what I mean?

This time I added a church and a boat

 A tag
 Edged some words
 Added some doodling
 And some more gold ribbons
 Some wire and beading
 An embossed cog
 Some stamping
 And some more with a quote sticker
 Kittens and the words "Define Good" as the page relates to siblings and seemed quite apt
 Then paint, gesso, stamping, repainting the letters and black lining the words on this page
 And painted on the back of the final page, bit of oil pastels and some stamping
 Hope Donna likes the additions!


  1. Oh I adore it all. Excellent work put inot it.

    I did my oldest Granddaughter her first and I had about 80 or more pages and it was so heavy time I finished . I had to take two large shopping bags with handles to take it to her. I worked on it till she was 17. It was her life all wrapped up in one huge book. It was as big as my flat screen computer and mine is large.Your first Grandchild you go nuts. Since having five more after. I went less in size but pages still was 80. We never know when to say. That is it. Do we, ha,ha.
    I love bling, blings, ribbons, beads.

    So I applaud you.

    Great job!

  2. Wow on two counts at that amazing book Virginia - it's almost a full circle! And wow at Sparkle's description of her books! Lucky Grandchildren!

  3. I keep thinking these books can't get any more amazing .... and then they get more amazing :)

    I have a photo of me somewhere stood in front of that Warhol Mao - it's in Berlin - and it's huuuuge

  4. I came over here to wish you the very best on your upcoming granddaughter's wedding and here I find the most amazing art journal! Have an awesome day on Friday!!

  5. I do love the additions and will work on yours so we can swap soon and maybe let each one rest in their own home for a while...I will me in on Saturday of you want to mail me....

  6. this journal is a treasure, you will love it forever!