Sunday, 21 July 2013

Desert Island Disc - page for Pam by Sherry

Here's the page I did for Pam.
I had a choice of 2 and as I just so happened to
have the sheet music for one of them - easy decision!

It is 'Erborne Dich' from St Matthew's Passion by Bach.

I transferred a page of the music onto fabric
and stitched it onto the backing circle of fabric.
I stitched various ribbons around the edge to
represent the circle of thorns.

The image is another fabric image transfer,
padded and stitched onto the music.

I used some of Pam's ribbon to make a cross
edged with some distress ink.

That's it for me - all the circle journal pages finished!
It was really good to end on a fabric one as I'd started
my own on fabric too.
I've so enjoyed working on everyones journals,
and seeing all the different styles.

I'm looking forward to getting my own one back now too.

Thanks Sarah for organising such a great collaborative project xx

I'll be posting Pam's journal back to her tomorrow -
by recorded delivery.


  1. Fabulous page - I'm sure Pam will love her journal

  2. Sherry you did an amazing job, I'm still working on yours so you may have to be a little patient - it will be worth the wait..


  3. this is absolutely beautiful!! can't wait to hear Pam's reaction, I'm sure she will be over the moon with her completed journal (but I think she's away at the mo)