Saturday, 27 July 2013


Well I spent a lovely morning yesterday working on Donna's journal - it really is utterly gorgeous - in fact it was gorgeous before it set off on it's travels and now it's passed through so many collaborartists hands it's looking fabulous.  Donna picked the tracks for each of us and I had a Webb Sisters track which I hadn't heard before, it's a beautiful song but ever so sad.  This is how the journal arrived with me - isn't it gorgeous!
And from the top
And this is my entry to the journal 
and the back, done with gelli plate and stamps and what you can't see is bits of metallic paint 
 The inside I coloured some of the stars purple and hand stitched around two edges
 And some clocks which I colour blue and purple in line with the track
 Initially the inside was quite plain
 But then I added some lyrics
Then time to add to other entries in the collaborative way, stamped vintage photo and black on the back
And gesso on the front to tone down the vibrant paper and make the lettering pop, I also add a little bit of oil pastels
 A added metallic paint to the waves on this
 And gold metallic paint around this title
 I loved adding to the stamped harlequin in silver and then re-edged the diamonds with black liner
 on both sides
the lettering on this one felt a bit lost on the background, so I toned the background down with gesso, removed the gesso from the lettering and then used some oil pastels to make it stand out
 Toned the back down with the gesso too and then stamped
 Add a little bit of vintage photo around the edge and some oil pastels around the title
 A little metallic to the title
 Gesso and metallic around the heart and the edges and the title
 Bit of purple paint on the edges of this one to tone things
 And then some oil pastels around this
 Purple oil pastels around the insides
 A little metallic on this (that you can hardly see but is there honest)
And there you go, I won't be sending this until I get the go-ahead from Donna but it's all parcelled up and ready to go!


  1. ah me ah my that looks magnificent, I'll check for a day when someone can be in all day, thank you so much Virginia, I'm slowly adding to our pairs journal, but not finished yet...


  2. That's mind-blowingly gorgeous!! Love it. Suzanne

  3. This CJ was my favourite of all the ones doing the rounds, SO cool - great to see what you've done in it and also your additions to the other entries (some of which I haven't seen before)

    I'm loving oil pastels at the moment too, love squishing them around with my fingers :)

  4. These are all soooo fantastic and very mind blowing, having been Donna-ed with a fab Journal that gets daily strokes... Can't get in Doona's blog so passed on the message... hope all is well and as normal as it can be.