Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Desert Island Disc - Listen to your heart

the lyric that grabbed me was  'if I need a rhythm, it's to my heart I'm gonna listen...'

here's what I did for Pam:

it's a machine stitched hand embroidered, beaded, material, paper combo watercolour painting stamping texture doo darr, what not,

and it traveled the length of the UK, flew to Slovenia, travelled on a train through slovenia croatia and Hungary and flew back the UK to arrrive with Sherry earlier this week.

The rhythm of my heart says it is is a good thing to love and be loved, and a ten day trip with my best man traveling is a glorious beat to follow.

i didn't dare risk taking all the pages so I didn't add to the other work

Now I am working on Sherry's last entry, and I hope to do my best work so far...and lots of collaborative additions................................................................


  1. Gorgeous Donna - I love it!

  2. this is fantastic! I especially like the chain stitch around the heart, I haven't done chain stitch in forever, I had forgotten how great it looks!

  3. Hi kyla thanks for your comment on my blog, the paint I used for the sandals is http://www.decoart.com/wordpress/pressroom/one-paint-for-all-surfaces-decoart’s-new-multi-surface-satin™/

    Hope this helps xx

    1. hi Nicks - this isn't Kyla's blog I'm afraid, but I'll draw her attention to your comment

  4. I've been admiring it up close Donna, just fabulous xx