Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Waving goodbye to the desert island.....

I finished my final entry in the DID CJ today, sob, so sad to see it end, it's been great fun!

Here's my entry for Sonja - I had no choice of song as there was only one left, Mr Brightside by the Killers, but thankfully it was a good one to work with - cheers for not leaving me a stinker, guys! :)

For the front of my page I took inspiration from the cover of the record itself:

and cut a copy of that great silhouette to use as a mask

Crying out to be used on the old gelli-plate, it was, so that's just what I did with it:

On the back of the page was an envelope, which I cut open to make two flaps which could open out to reveal a large page inside:

The above incorporates some lyrics from the song

And this is what the flappy bits look like closed:

Front view with the back opened out:

This was also my final opportunity to 'tweak' some of the other prior entries:

To Sian's Hotel California, I added a glow from the streetlight and a little bit of highlighting atop the word 'hotel':

To Pam's I added a border around the letters in the word "youth" in a paler red, just to help the word stand out

And to Virginia's I added a red oil pastel 'aura' around the band on the front of her page:

And also a little wooden gun on the envelope flap on the back, to go with their name:

Th-th-that's all folks!

I hope that our next CJ will be as much fun - it's not too late to sign up for that one if you fancy it, there's one spot left....

I'll be blogging again over the next day or two as I got some lovely mail art from Sonja on the Mail Art Trail this week, that I just need to take a photo off - until then, tara.....


  1. Oh Sarah that's a gorgeous final entry into the book and love love love the additions!

  2. Gorgeous! I love that silhouette and all the tweaks you all did. This has been such a fun one to watch develop.