Sunday, 30 June 2013

Virginia's DID CJ

"You're So Cool" - a song from one of Virginia's favourite films, True Romance and one that means a lot to her as it was played during her wedding ceremony. I have seen the film but a long time ago so I looked it up and it was the final scene that stuck in my mind when you see the couple and their little boy, Elvis... I know Virginia and her soulmate have a boy and so I came up with the idea of a couple silhouetted at sunset to represent the happy ending of the film but also represent Virginia's own family.

I painted the sunset background, cut the silhouette out and painted over it black then cut the You're So Cool out on vinyl. I wasn't sure if it was too plain but I didn't want to add to it for the sake of it and nothing was springing to mind so I figured if Virginia felt it needed something else she could add to it herself :o)

On the back again I kept it simple painting it black and adding the film title:

I was about to sign it when I realised there were separate sign-in... a narrow escape 


  1. Oh Sian that's awesome - I love it - thank you!!!!!!

  2. HOW gorgeous is that sunset????? love it! and the cool silhouette

  3. Gorgeous colours! I don't know if I've seen this film or not. Love what you did with the inspiration though Sian :)