Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sonja's CJ

Only two songs left so I chose Amy Macdonald- I've not really heard much of her stuff but I really really liked this one, specifically the lyrics when i googled them- they spoke so much to me of what I encounter in my work when young people are misunderstood and everyone thinks their generation did or knew better

"Maybe if you were some spearheaded guy
I would listen to what you have to say
But you're just some incapable figure
Thinking you're bigger than me. but you're not
Yet you don't know a thing about the youth of today
Stating your opinion and making it ring in my head all day

And you say,
'My children weren't the same'
'My children's children they're the ones to blame'
And you say
'In my day we were better behaved'
But it's not your day no more...'

So I went for a graffiti thing which made a good excuse for buying another mask :)

I used carving paste to push through the mask to do the wall on which I did my little bit of graffiti - it takes an age to dry and don't even think of using a hair dryer or heat gun! (I did experiment first)

The back depicts what Sonja felt about the  song and why it is in the CJ , which I thought was a nice contrast to the front 


  1. Oh another fabulous entry to this CJ!

  2. This is fantastic, it's interesting how the song resonated with you and Sonja in such different ways, and how you have captured that contrast with the front and back of your page....

  3. Beautiful - both front and back. Love that M other and baby image but also really love how you put across your feelings too.

  4. Each of your work connects to the viewer emotionally, very beautiful work. Thanks for your visit and feedback!