Saturday, 22 June 2013

Sarah's exquisite monster

Woohoo!  my monster is home, and I love him :)

Isn't he awesome :D

From left to right, Karen's tail, Jazz's back leg, Carmen's front leg (complete with real bearded dragon skin!), and my head.

And here are the bits I did for the others in my group:

a torso for Karen:

A lower torso for Jazz - she wanted a tooled up steampunk badass, with a stick, I hope this fits the bill! :)

and some tentacles for Carmen:


  1. Fabulous. Such a fun thing to do.

  2. Wow that's awesome, I love the fact you've got real bearded dragon skin going on there - craziness!

  3. Your monster is amazing! Love the different colorful, funky and fun. Great work!

  4. i loved doing this monster - it was so much fun... ive really enjoyed the corpse project - thanks sarah.

  5. He is one fabulous looking monster! I love him to bits :D

  6. Love Love Love this! I too am a Lover of Monsters! Can't wait to see more!