Sunday, 21 April 2013

Virginia's DID - Metallica

Confession time (again), this is another page I struggled with. 
Not because I couldn't come with anything, or didn't know what to do,
but because the whole thing took about 20 minutes (mostly waiting for paint to dry)
and it feels a bit of a fraud.
I keep looking at it and thinking it needs more,
even though my gut keeps saying
"no, it's as it should be".

"Nothing else matters" is from Metallica's self titled "Metallica" aka "The black album".
The cover and artwork is black, completely black, apart from a couple of shadowy images.
The song was written by James Hetfield whilst on the phone to his girlfriend
so it's played with one hand.

Everything about the song is stripped down and basic,
and I think my design fits perfectly.
But I still feel it's not enough.


  1. Fabulous page, sometimes the best pieces fall into place very quickly.

  2. I love it - and as you say it complements the song perfectly. If you feel like you still "owe" time to this CJ maybe spend it on collaborative touches to the previous entries. Sometimes I spend as long doing that as on my own page :)

  3. I think it looks fantastic Virginia and totally fits with what you have said x

  4. It's great the way it is Nigel

  5. Nigel I love it, a complete change from other pages in the book so a fabulous contrast!