Thursday, 11 April 2013

Sonja's CJ Crisis and Big Thanks to Sami

Thanks for the junk Sami - my favourite is the invisible whale, which is going to feature in a collage with the lovely sail boat...the selections of buttons were 'wow' and I have put the journal fodder into its new home where it has snuggled right in with the rest of my junk, hope your baby is behaving...

I have also done my circle journal page for Sonja - which has had me paranoid and dithering...

Having managed to reduce my work week to 30 hours,  suddenly and following unavoidable events I am now working 45 hours a week and I am temporarily covering alternate weekends too, so time in my studio is combined with eating drinking, socialising playing with my animals and 'home' life is generally centered around the few hours I get away from work,  I multi- task all the time so that it feels like I do more than 'just' work

 always always I find time to do art., everyday, always

I brashly told Virginia a bit of delay in receiving the CJ wouldn't be a problem, I could catch up,  forgetting I go away soon for a while, and that I would have to have it done by today, ready to post on time,

any hoo, in the journal it says- no food no drink , no smoking and no pets near the journal,

well the no smoking wasn't an issue, but I couldn't leave the CJ out in my studio (a real risk of contamination by pets, food and drink) so I had to do something rapidly whilst banishing all the usual activities that occur in my studio everyday,

and at the same time as banishing the usual routines I would still need to find time to eat and drink in my hectic schedule.

In the end I decided I just wouldn't have time to do anything other than a paper collage .  As soon as I had finished it I got really paranoid and wrapped it up quick ready for posting in case one of the animals got near it, or food or drink was unleashed in the vicinity by a family member using my studio whilst I was out at work... ha ha ha,  then ....

I  REALLY Panicked because I have been burning the baby books and I am convinced Sonja's book is going to smell of the paper smoke....anyway I just finished it off quick and packed it up pronto hoping for the best.

unfortunately it means I haven't done any collaborations on the other pages, but I thought better be safe than risk damage?

Anyway - hope you like it Sonja, and I'm really really sorry if there is pet hair, crumbs, or lingering smell of burnt journal when you get it back.  I know there won't be wine stains because I never miss my mouth....

Have you got the new Killers album?  it's AWEsome 



  1. Oh Donna I'm sorry that lateness caused issues given your crazy working life at the moment, however, you've done a fantastic job on it! glad the CJ has arrived safely as well, was going to PM you today, but no need now as I see not only has it landed, but you've done your bit and it's ready to go again, I however, haven't LOL

  2. Glad you liked the junk! My baby is being very good, he's just swinging away on his hook in my shelf where i can see him every day! Thank you x

  3. it looks great - I wondered about the burning of the baby books for a few seconds before I realized what you meant ha ha!
    I'm sure the smell of burning baby books will be fine but a different story if someone smokes cigarettes with the chemical smell that clings to everything

  4. fantastic page - and I am sure it doesn't smell of anything :)

    I have to admit that, like you, in order to get art stuff done at all I have to do it as part of my daily life as with a demanding full time (and some) job, I simply don't have the hours in the day for 100% dedicated art time. So that means that there will be food and drink nearby sometimes and a cat wandering past occasionally. I am very careful though and I do make sure that nothing gets spilt on anything and no cat hairs leave the building :) And I don't smoke so at least that box is ticked :)