Sunday, 21 April 2013

Please avert your gaze if bad language should offend.....

It's Desert Island Discs time again and this month I have Sian's CJ to work in.

Right from the very beginning when Sian first published her list of songs, I was hoping that one particular song would still be available when the CJ reached me - and it was - woohoo!

Like Sian, I have certain songs that I love to play at volume when I am in a baaaaaaad mood, my angry songs, and this track by Korn is very much one of them.  In particular, shouting along to the chorus is a great stress reliever!

Trouble is, there's a rather rude word in there, but I checked on the Collabor-ART Facebook group to see if anyone would be offended by me posting it uncensored, and nobody said not to, so here goes, brace yourselves :) :

The main image on this page was a real labour of love - it's a hand cut, 4 layer stencil of the band's lead singer, Jonathan Davis.  I am beyond chuffed at how well it turned out and how much it looks like him.

(original photo by user Cliseu on deviantART)
For comparison, as I expect that most of you probably wouldn't know him from Adam, here's the reference photo I used:

Now I am trying to think what else I can use that stencil for as it was a lot of work for a single use!  I thoroughly enjoyed making it though.

On the reverse side of the flappy bit is an image from one of the band's live album covers that fit the space rather nicely:

It wasn't until I'd finished all this bit that I realised I was supposed to use that area for my sign in and thoughts about why I had picked this song etc, oops!  So instead I wrote all that stuff on the reverse of a tag decorated to match everything else, and I tucked it in behind my main page:

So that's my own page done, I hope Sian likes it as much as I enjoyed making it

Next stop - tweaking the previous entries

I didn't do something to all of the previous pages this time, only the ones where I had an immediate idea of what I wanted to add

To Pat's entry - the Wonder of You by Elvis - I added a quick sketch of a someone extending a helping hand, inspired by the lyrics "you touch my hand and I'm a king":

On Sian's own entry for the love song Butterfly by Lenny Kravitz, I gave her girl a heart.  Well for a love song she needs one, right?

And to Virginia's entry, for Snow White Queen by Evanescence, I added a coat of arms to her warrior queen's shield:

Roll on next month, I am enjoying this CJ so much!


  1. Did you just hear that THUNK? That was my jaw hitting the ground over that stencil. Blimey Sarah! Seriously good stuff. Love it all and so glad you posted (I thought the sweariness was going to be much worse when you asked about it!)

    Loving all the little added bits to the others you did too. In particular the coat of arms :)

  2. Four layer hand-cut stencil?! WOW - I'm seriously impressed. Totally worth it too - it's a fantastic page, and the flappy bit works really well. Awesome stuff!

  3. Amazing stencil work sarah, it looks fantastic and you must have the paitence of a saint to cut a four layer stencil by hand!!! Thw whole page is wonderful and I too thought there would be lots more swearing when i saw the FB post!
    Love what you have done to the other pages as well.
    So bummed I did not sign up for this one!

  4. I cannot wrap my poor little head around how you made that stencil. I'm in awe.

  5. i think you need to stencil anything that keeps still longer than five minutes...AWEsome stuff...dxxx

  6. Fantastic page Sarah. Ihave no idea how you created the stencil but the result is stunning x

  7. Stunning page - I can't believe you cut that stencil for it. It's perfect but time consuming (I used to cut them years ago when I did a lot of screen printing). Blown away I am!

  8. Oh Sarah that's amazing the stencil you've created is fantastic! I'm sure Sian will love it love it love it!

  9. Sarah it's outstanding! I absolutely love it, the work you've put in is fantastic and it absolutely would NOT have been the same without the F word!!! Thank you SOOOOOO much!!! xxxxxxxxxx