Sunday, 14 April 2013

Rebecca and Sonja Pair Journal

Here is my amazing pair journal back from Sonja. I love what she has done with my backgrounds and odd bits that I had started. There were also notes inside to explain her thought processes for some of the pages which was a beautiful touch.  A big thank you to Sonja too for sending me the photos as I forgot to take any of mine before! Here are some of the pages.

For this one, I started out with just a bird cage die cut, some silver paper and some sheeet music tissue paper so not much to go on. Sonja gave it a beautiful blue wash with slightly darker blue flying birds as the background, some embossed silver flourishes and silver and blue embossed bird images with a quote from one of my favourite writers, Maya Angelou, which ties it all together. I have no idea whether or not I will add anything to this as it's gorgeous just the way it is.

This page started as just a splodgy green and yellow page with some deliberately messy stamping. Sonja has enhanced this with a lovely quote and some subtle overstamped and embossed images, including a Stampotique (and I love those). some cirle motifs which remind me of dandelion seed heads and a butterfly. It looks like the Stampotique girl is finding her path. It has real depth in the flesh which doesn't come out too well in the photo.

This is a page that Sonja started (hence the plain before page at the top). Lots of lovely tone on tone misting, inking and stamping  with another quote. I can see myself having loads of fun playing with this page.

The only thing linking my before pages was the monochrome feel. I wasn't really sure where I was going with this, so I just left it to see what Sonja would do with it. Beautful spraying through a mask (I so want Sonja's stash!) and the action firgure with "keeping it real guys" really made me smile.
Again, another blank page from me which Sonja covered in Scottish one pound notes partially painted over and with crown rubons jauntily placed on the heads. Love it, especially as my partner is Scottish!
And yet another blank page to start with. I should add that there were some pages I did that Sonja didn't add to so you'll get to see those next time I'm sure. Fab inky sprayiness with black chevron embossing and a couple of magazine images. I already have some ideas for this but I am so reluctant to cover up the wonderful background.
This page started with just a bit of torn kraft down one side and Sonja has transformed it with a superbly textured brack wall effect and a fab dynamic start to the right hand side. I can see me going all street art on this.
On this page I was just playing with a new stamp  and just repeated it in a range of colours. Sonja has matched these colours really well with some patterned papers and introduced some straight lines and points to what was a rather too swirly page. Love how she has overlapped the two while still keeping some white space.
And finally, for now at least, a lovely paper background with the same Stampotique girl and crown that appear on some of the previous pages with a light touch of a chandelier and florishes bits, leaving plenty of room still to play.

Huge thanks to Sonja - this has really inspired me to up my game for the next round.  Cheers, Bex.


  1. Oh that pairs journal is looking mighty fine!

  2. oh absolutely wonderful!!!!!!!!

  3. this is looking brilliant! and are they real pound notes? no peeling them off the page and spending them :D

  4. Really beautiful pages developing here, i love the circle stamp one and the action figure one, its all looking fab! x