Monday, 22 April 2013

Big catch up- prayer flags, Pair journal and D and V baby

Sorry this is a bit of a photo heavy post. I have not been around much and I am just trying to catch up on everything.

Prayer flag project

 This was the start of my prayer flag (i did two bases in case i messed one up!) which I then sent onto Sarah.

 I received this beautiful flag from Pat

and this is what I added to it before passing it on again to Sarah

I forgot to take a photo of this before I started on it. The photo of this doesn't do it justice, it is a beautiful vibrant, red, orange and yellow. I added the metal spirals, charms and beads and the fibre threads on the bottom and have posted it off to Sarah.

This is the flag that I get to keep and I LOVE it! It is so perfect for me with the Goddess figure on it. The colours are amazing and every ones layers and additions are great! It is way to pretty to hang outside though so I am hanging it above my meditation space.  I really enjoyed this project, combining art and textiles is something I have not done in ages.Thanks everyone!

Sami and Lou pair journal
This is the second round working in my journal. Lou had added some great stuff to my pages and started some amazing ones- i was inspired so much with what she had done, that I probably did too much before sending it off again!

 I added the oriental text stamp, flower stamp and washi tape

 Added the magazine girl, the tickets and the man and lady stamps

 added some stamps and the washi tape

 Added flower stamps and some more colour

 Added the brick work with a stencil and the chickens and cow on the right hand side

 Added the arrows and the small hand prints

 Did this page using gelli print cut ups and homemade stencils

 Did this page with the paint left on my stencils after gelli printing, added a tag and some collage and washi tape

 I added the house stamps and the sun to Lou's vibrant Mary Poppins page (love that stamp!)

 I added the yoga stencil, the stars and the words to this page

 I started this page again using the wet stencils and paint left on the brayer after gelli printing and adding a stamp and a bit of collage

 These three pages were again, scraps and left over paint/stencils from gelli printing and some magazine collage

 I used collage, a scrapbooking tag and a clothes tag on this page

 left over paint from another project and some collage and stamping

 I saw this idea of stamping on masking tape on Pinterest and thought I would have a go, love how it turned out.
 I have posted this back to Lou today and look forward to working in her journal again.

And here is a picture of the new addition to my family...
He is very well behaved and spends his days hanging from my book shelf in my craft room, watching everything I do! I love him, thanks Donna!

Phew, sorry for the long post, I must try and keep up in future!


  1. OMG-osh!
    your flags are wonderful!!! I had fun visiting your busy blog!

  2. Oh my, those prayer flags are simply stunning.
    Love Donna's baby too :-)


  3. So much to ogle and drool over and sigh at. Love your pages and the handmade stencils (I'm addicted to this at the moment!) The flags are gorgeous and look so texturey. Could that one BE any more perfect for you?

    Love your baby too - the girls keep hinting at mine, they can go whistle.

    1. I know right, its perfect, i love it so much! (I totally read that in Chandlers voice!!!)

  4. Oooooh lovely prayer flags .... I started work on the flower one yesterday, but not sure what else to do with it, awaiting inspiration!

    And your pair journal is so so cool! Enjoy!

  5. Everything here is wonderful Sam! Love the prayer flags and your hand cut stencils in particular xx

  6. Those prayer flags are stunning and that pair journal is looking hot already.

  7. Sami that's an awesome post, I'm sorry I missed the prayer flags now they look fabulous I love the one you ended up with. Your new pairs journal looks fabulous and is truly inspiring! And the new addition to the family - Donna's creations are amazing!

  8. wow, you have been busy!! love the prayer flags and the journal is great, too!