Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Turn It Up Nigel and Sian Pair Journal (Nigels)

Here's some pages I've been working on in Nigel's journal:

I started out light-hearted...

A song for a sunny day...

Then I went decidedly darker after discovering my two favourite songs of the moment, Pierce the Veil's "King for a Day" (fab video if you get chance to watch it!!) and Fall Out Boy's "My Song's Know What You Did In the Dark" (ooh another fab video esp if you're a fan!!) which I'm not sure I've finished yet. Who knows, that's the joy of PJs yes? :)

I am playing the two bottom songs loud as we speak - hopefully Nigel will be pleased :oD

Sian xx


  1. Gorgeous. All of them. Am now off to watch the video's :D

  2. well there's a coincidence, I'd never even heard of Pierce the Veil until yesterday but then this video popped up on Kerrang. Fun little bank heist story :)

    Great pages, I especially like the flames on the bottom one and the stripy socks on Walking On Sunshine