Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Nigel's Desert Island Disc CJ - by Sherry

Fewer songs to choose from now but as you can see
I chose 'The Lark Ascending' by Vaughan Williams.
Beautiful music, but no lyrics to work with!
Luckily, Nigel had provided the reasons behind why
this made his top ten, so I worked with that.

For the front cover one lark is ascending from
what is supposed to be stormy clouds.
I used handmade paper, distress inks and 
some liquid pearls.

Sorry Nigel, this probably looks nothing like the 
abandoned airfield you spent many happy hours
in but let's just say it's my interpretation!
I used Pan Pastels for the sky and fields
and rubber stamped some wild flowers with
distress ink.

It's at times like this I really wish I could draw and paint,
but nevertheless, I like the end result - and maybe
it will be added to before it arrives back home.

I added to all of the previous pages as follows:-

Virginia's 'Brighton Rock' -
I rubber stamped a postage stamp with the Queen's head on.

Sian's 'Tainted Love' -
I rubbed some metallic rub on paste around the
title and added some splodgy rubber stamping.

Pat's 'Ultravox' -
A rubber stamped flourish to the back page

Donna's 'A New England' -
Painted the girls' stockings red to match their lips

Karen's 'Freebird' -
Added a bird to the front cover

 ... and finally to Nigel's own page 'Caroline',
I added a denim heart with 'Quo' written on.

Hope this is all ok and I'm looking forward
(yes, actually looking forward, and not so nervous now)
about the next one!


  1. Sherry you can paint and draw - the fields have amazing perspective, fabulous work, I think all your additions are fab too, and it is such fun now we can work over so many previous works...dx

  2. I agree with Donna and I really, really love the page with the bird coming out of the clouds - just gorgeous.

  3. Oh yes you can definitely paint and draw as Donna says, I love your page utterly gorgeous and loving the additions!

  4. It's stunning, thank you :)
    That first page is beautiful.

  5. A fantastic entry - you have got the whole "paint and draw" thing down :)

  6. Your painting of the airfield is wonderful and I love all the additions to others pages, they are all spot on! x