Saturday, 6 April 2013

Mail Art from Donna and Kyla.

I was the lucky recipient of some great mail art last week which cheered me up now end. The first one was from Donna and it had a little pocket that survived the postal service.

It also had this little instruction to rip it and then there was a very cool postcard within it as well. It's given me  some great inspiration for future mail art. I just never thought about the interactive elemental before.

I then got this great card from Kyla and it's colours are lovely. The pop of teal is great. It was really cheery to find it among the mail on the floor when I came downstairs. It stood out straight away.

Thank You Ladies.x  
Happy Birthday Collabor-Artists!


  1. What a great idea to have all those little bits to play with :)

    Both gorgeous cards - I love that background on Kyla's one.

  2. Fab cards, love the interactive element and all those glorious colours

  3. Fabulous mail art - never thought about the interactive element myself either!

  4. So pleased it got there ok! I love Donna's interactive element.