Sunday, 2 December 2012

Flo's entry in Pam's Desert Island Discs CJ

When I first saw Pam/Psychodiva's list of songs for her fabric-based CJ, I was pretty much sure I would end up choosing either good old Bo Rap, Smooth Criminal, or the Dixie Chicks.  

But when I popped the CD on, it was actually this song - Hollow Talk by the Choir of Young Believers - that jumped out at me:

It is the theme song to the Scandinavian crime series 'The Bridge', which about a zillion people have recommended to me, and which I have finally got around to ordering so I can see if it's as great as they all say....

The series starts with a female body being found, in two parts, at the centre of the bridge which joins Denmark to Sweden - half in Denmark's jurisdiction and half in Sweden's - and so that's the rather gory inspiration I have taken for my entry:

The background's all blue, as I was originally going to paint a picture of the actual bridge on there, so the blue would have represented the sea and sky:

But in the end I decided that would make the whole thing a bit too busy, especially given that I wanted to fit some of the lyrics from the song on there too.

The dead lady was embroidered from my original sketch:

Not having seen the programme yet I have no idea if the actual body looked anything like this, am taking a bit of artistic licence :)

I really enjoy working in fabric, which is just as well, as I have Sherry's journal coming next!

Oh - and here's a couple more bits, matching sign in tag:

And here's the back of my entry, I liked all the geometric shapes it made - I wanted to colour them all in, would have been fun, but Pam says she is going to back everything once her CJ comes home so there wouldn't have been much point really

Oh - and I almost forgot ..... the Collabor-ART twist!

Pam hasn't done her own entry in the CJ yet, so I couldn't add anything there, but I refused to be deprived of my god given collabor-artist's right to meddle :)

So I added a little dash of bead soup to Pam's lush red and gold cover:

I'm sure she won't mind :)


  1. wow!! I love it :) do the backs of you want people- i can always rethink things :)
    the body was found lying straight - they didn't realise she was cut in two until they moved her - I shan't say more it'll spoil it- also watch Forbrydelsen- in Danish not the awful USA version :D

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing this next week IRL. Fab embroidery.

  3. Fabulous stuff Sarah, I wondered how the fabric ones were panning out - they look fabulous!

  4. Fantastic, lovin the embroidary!

  5. I've now watched 'The Bridge' - it was brilliant!