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Archived: Purely Collaged Postcards

by Scrapatorium
Purely Collaged Postcards

Sign up by: January 7th 2013
Minimum number of participants: 3
No maximum number
First posting: January 14th
Second and final posting: January 31st

by Randel Plowman
Hi everyone

I think it's time for us to at least start thinking about a new collaboration, don't you?

I know we are all crazy busy in the run up to Christmas, so this one doesn't require you to actually do anything until January, but I thought I'd get the sign ups up and running now

This is going to be a bit of a stretch for those of us who love our inks and paints and rubber stamps ......  a PURE collage challenge!

by Robert Farkas
All you are allowed to use are found imagery and text - from magazines, books, postcards, junk mail etc. (Commercial patterned papers eg scrapbook papers are ok too) - plus scissors/craft knife and glue or gel medium to stick stuff down or make image transfers.  Oh and a bit of cardboard to stick the whole thing on.

That's it.

Are you up for the challenge?

This is a great exercise to help us focus on composition, and on our neat cutting-out skills :)

by Hailey Gaiser
Sign ups are below - there is no limit on the number of people taking part.  Feel free to put yourself on the list more than once if you would like to make and receive extra cards.

Once sign ups are complete I will close the loop so that everyone is posting in a circle, with the last person to sign up posting back to the first person on the list.

by Alexandre Coll
Then each of us will make TWO partly collaged postcards, around 7" x 5" in size.  Just the backgrounds at this stage.

These are to be posted to the next person on the list on or before Monday January 14th 2013

The recipient finishes the collaged postcards (so, this is a two-stage collaboration), and sends one (naked, no envelope, as mail art) to the person immediately after them in the list, and the other to the next person along.

The deadline for this second posting date is January 31st 2013

by Laura Redburn
I know that's a bit complicated, let me illustrate with an example - so if we have 4 sign ups:

1. Andy
2. Barry
3. Charlie
and 4. Danny

Then Andy will make two postcard bases and collage the backgrounds, and send both of these in an envelope to Barry by Jan 14th.

Barry will complete both the postcards and send one (no envelope) to Charlie, and the other (no envelope) to Danny, both by Jan 31st.

by Heather Gabel
Meanwhile, Charlie will be finishing off Barry's cards and sending them to Danny and Andy; Danny will post the cards he finished off to Andy and Barry, and so on.

I hope that makes sense :D

The upshot is that everyone will make two first stages and two finished postcards, and will also receive two fab pieces of collaged mail art in the post to keep.

by Grycja Erde
So - without any further ado, please edit your name onto the list below if you would like to play!

(sign up deadline Monday 7th January 2013)

Please update on the list below when you have posted and received cards:

1. Sarah (Flo) - posted stage 1 to Vicki on 11th Jan, received from Jean 15th Jan - posted completed postcards to Vicki and Nigel 21/1 - received finished postcards from Jean and Virginia, all done

2. Vicki  - received backgrounds 12th Jan. Stage 1 posted to Nigel 15th Jan. Rec'd Finished from Sarah 22 Jan. Posted both finished to Nigel & Sonja. Received from Jean and Sarah

3. Nigel - Received 16/01/13. Posted to Sonja 12/01/13
              Received from Sarah 25/01/13
              Completed cards posted 28/01
              Received from Vicki 08/02/13

4. Sonja - posted backgrounds to Lou 11/1/13. Nigel's backgrounds arrived 15/1/13. Posted cards to Louise and Jez 24/1/13. Completed card from Nigel 29/1/13. Completed card from Vicki 6/2/13.

5. Louise (poshscot)  POSTED 11/1/13  received backgrounds  12/1/13  Posted finished postcards. Rec'd both postcards :)

6. Jez (Butterfly Mind) POSTED 11/1/13, RECEIVED FROM LOUISE 12/1/13
          Posted completed cards to Pat and Irene 17/1/13 - snow may delay delivery!
          Received from Sonja 28/1/13

7. Pat  posted to Irene 10 Jan received from Jez 12 Jan Received from Jez 21/1 posted to Irene and Jazz 22nd Jan received from Lou (poshcot) 23rd Jan

8.Ireneposted to Jas 11 Jan received from Pat 12 Jan  has received completed postcards from Pat and Lou hee-hee xx

9. Jazz - has received Irene's backgrounds, but has been unwell so hasn't yet been able to post her own to Bex, hoping to post 19/1

10. Rebecca (Bex) - Posted backgrounds to Carmen 10th January Received backgrounds from Jas and completed postcard from Jas 30 January. Posted finished cards to carmen and Sam 5 February.

11. Carmen (whoopidoo) - Posted to Sam on 16/01/2003 (Sorry I'm late Sam) And also received from bex  today (16th)

12.Sam (Luna)  - Posted backgrounds to Virginia.Recieved backgrounds from Carmen. Posted completed postcards, one to Jean and one to Virginia on 24th Jan 2013 Recieved finished postcards from Rebecca on 7.2.13 and from Carmen on 22.02.13

13. Virginia - Received backgrounds from Sam Posted two backgrounds to Jean 15th Jan (sorry I was poorly sick yesterday) and sent both completed collages to Jean and Sarah respectively today as well! 

14. 3dJean - Posted backgrounds to Flo recieved backgrounds from Virginia , posted finished postacrd to Flo and Vicki 21st jan 

For the first posting, everyone is to send to the person immediately below them in the list, except Jean who posts to me (Sarah)

Please email your recipient for their postal address ASAP if you don't already have it


  1. I'm not convinced the explanation helped...LOL

  2. I'm in.

    Hopefully by Jan I'll have figured out how it works ;)

  3. oh dear, shall I try another example or would that just confuse matters further? :D

  4. Image transfer sold me as I want to push myself to learn a new technique lol.

  5. Ermmm please forgive a newbie but how do I edit the post? I keep getting a blogger error, maybe I need to do it on a computer rather than an iPad?

  6. I don't know, I've never used an ipad .... can you get to the blogger dashboard ok ? ( if so, you should be able to get to the list of posts from there and edit. It's a bit of a longwinded way around compared to just clicking on the little edit icon (the spanner and screwdriver crossed, which you should see under every post on the blog if you are logged in properly on a PC) but it should get you there.

    In the meantime, if you are trying to sign up for this project in particular just let me know and I can edit you on to the list....

  7. actually I got that wrong - for posts it's not the little spanner, it's a little pencil - but whether or not you can see them on the ipad I'm not sure .....

  8. Yes I can never edit on my i-pad. I think itmust be an i-pad thing. I'll go to my macbook and try.

  9. Well as i'm the thickest person on here i'll go 'ave a go and see if I can get myself onto this!!!!!and I "think" I get the destructions Sarah Xx

  10. O.M.G.!!!!!!! I did it!!!!!!does a happy happy dance

  11. Can't get the edit part, sorry, but I totally get the round robin explanation for the collaboration and I'd love to play. Please add me to the list: Terrie (Creative Explorer)

  12. Another one that totally gets the explanation but cant find a pencil to edit on my pc, im sure i need a tutorial or something :) anyhoo I'm in...

    thanks Jas x

  13. Jazz - you need to be logged in to blogger to see the little pencils, go to first and log in there, and then view the blog from there, then you should be able to edit. But in the meantime I have put you on the list.

    Terrie - will email you separately as am afraid this challenge is only open to Collabor-ART members and the community is Europe based only at the moment, apologies

    Wisher - did you want adding to the list too?

  14. Loving this idea- gotta get started on them now!!!!

  15. Oh I only just found this, don't know how I missed it I'm going to blame a crazy December! Now where's those magazines LOL

  16. Well my backgrounds r done,not exactly how I thought the finished look would be but I'm not going to be precious about it, there is plenty of scope for improvement in round 2!
    Lou x