Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Desert Island Discs - Nigel's CJ

A few days late (ok 10 !) but I finally sent this off to Sian today.  I didn't know what to choose at first from Nigel's list, there were a few I liked but just didn't know how to interpret them.  In the end I went for this one as I sort of had an idea for the inside in my head.  I inked and painted the inside pages to represent sunset colours, I added a birdcage with broken bars for the bird to fly out - and being a completely 'Freebird' he flies off into the opposite direction to the flock.  I didn't really know what I was doing for the front then decided to acknowledge Nigel's time away from home when he was stationed in Germany and when he first discovered CB radio (which is where he gets his 'handle' from :)  Hope it's ok !


  1. This is great - I like the way you've incorporated the German flag & the radio to visually tell that part of the story, and your independent-minded free bird escaping his cage but then buggering off in his own direction is fab!

  2. Brilliant! Love the whole layout, and that looks so like the rig I used to have :)

  3. Found you through Amy's blog and really enjoyed visiting ~ love the movement and colors in your creations!
    Plumrose Lane

  4. Looks so great! I love the twisted bird cage bars-fantastic! x