Sunday, 9 December 2012

Desert Island Discs x2

I sometimes struggle to get to Post Offices, and bless her Sarah did a grand job of chasing I decided to set to work immediately on the two journals I received from Virginia - Pat's and Sian's -

so this means I have a whole month and a second month in which to post - or I may mail on both to Sherry on the 2nd Jan...then again, life might happen and who knows when things will actually get done?  I do know Sarah is a perfect Hostess and things will be kept Tickety Boo.

Lots of images for Pat's ( will you still love me tomorrow) page.

 I heard Graham Bonnet sing this at Monsters of Rock...When I worked on this piece I 'heard' a different story,  the obvious one- reminiscent of the transience of one night's love, gone by morning, but remembered forever- But also thoughts of how we may become insecure about the feelings of our lovers as we age,

will you still love me tomorrow? - direct to page watercolour portrait of an aged lover with collage  added

the last image is of the pages I did for Sian's journal, I shall be surprised if she doesn't know which track I chose!!!!  As per her request the style is journalling so there are more pages and many hidden extras that you won't see until you get it...

Donna Louise Rodgers.


  1. Love your portrait of an aged lover, the whole page looks brilliant.

    Sian's journal pages look great too - very dramatic x

  2. Very striking image-beautiful! x

  3. I love both of the portraits - really fab x

  4. Oh Donna I love your style so much - I'm beginning to wish I'd put a Marilyn Manson song in my top 10 too as that portrait of him at the bottom there is stunning!!

  5. I'm so sorry I've only just seen this I feel terrible for not commenting sooner on this incredibly amazing work of art!!! Wow it really is astonishing! Thank you SO much I really love it :) xx