Saturday, 8 December 2012

Non-Christmas Sardine Tins.

I had fun doing these- I tend not to be a glittery-snowy-person so i went for the non-Christmas themed group. It's taken me a while to put pics up - apologies for that

I received the Barbie tin and it floored me for a while- until my Steampunk tendencies emerged again :)

I had to tie her hair up

used a clock of course

and bits of other clocks I had handy (I tend to have stuff like that handy)

and tried a bit of 'tattooing'- not sure if it lasted tho.

And she ended up as Steampunk Barbie

The next one I received was 'Klimt' based and had a note about mermaids

I couldn't find any mermaids I'm afraid so i went for a fairy theme and thought this little person sitting among her jewels would look nice

This is the first time I have altered a sardine tin- I hope the results are pleasing to the owners- bit of an experiment really.

I also received mine back- and what a wonderful creation it turned out to be!!

Glorious!! I Love Crows!!


  1. These both look great. I really enjoyed the process and working in the tin as well.

  2. Great to see the various stages the cans have been through. My barbie is back and I love her, I'll blog her tomorrow. I really enjoyed working on your Crow can. Did you see my earlier entry on my thinking?

    Thanks to everyone who has taken part, they have all been very different and great to work with. Lou x

  3. YES!! I did see your entry- I loved you blogging the thought process behind it :)

  4. They all look wonderful - so much detail.

  5. Loving steampunk psycho Barbie :)