Friday, 17 August 2012

Pair Journal update

I've been a busy bee this week getting Shirley's pair journal ready to post back over to her, as am off on my hols early Saturday morning and didn't want to delay its progress for another week

The first thing I did was to add some bubbles to Shirley's diver lady - I was concerned that I couldn't see any evidence of breathing :)

Next up, I used Shirley's gorgeous collaged background as foundation for my singing lady's face:

And then I did a new page from scratch for the word "reflect"

Last up is a background for Shirley to build on:

It will be in the post tomorrow - looking forward to seeing where it goes from here

PS I know I promised you all that a new Circle Journal would be going live this week - it's looking more like the week after next now, sorry, purely because I want to run my ideas past Virginia first as the concept for the CJ is hers, and I can't get hold of her, perhaps she is on holidays too .... and I won't have much in the way of internet access while I'm away, so will get it sorted after the Bank Holiday


  1. Hi Sarah - think she is away this week going by her Rocking post.

    Loving these pages, had to smile at thought of the suffocating diver being saved :D

  2. Brilliant pages yet again and so relieved that you have saved the lady from drowning,
    Your singer looks amazing, I love how the background comes through.
    All the words you have chosen work so so with the book, the reflect page is very ethereal.
    Really looking forward to getting the journal back and continuing on with it.
    Have a great holiday.

  3. Fabulous pages,really love the Sing page,and the reflect,and so glad the swim lady is still alive!!look forward to seeing the next stage.
    Hope you have a great holiday Sarah

  4. Great colourful pages, lovin the diver lady with her bubbles x

  5. My journal has arrived and looks even better IRL. :-)
    Just re-read my comment and it should have read, " All the words you have chosen work so WELL with the book." not "so so. I obviously need to check more carefully before I press publish!

  6. These are great pages. I really like them.

  7. Great stuff, really like this x