Monday, 20 August 2012

Irene and Effies pages

Some more of the pages in my little book; it is getting quite chunky now with so much to look at.I love the elements that Effie puts in, then I have great fun adding to them.  It is all just right up my street and I have huge amounts of fun "looking"for little bits to stick in our books. I have an ever growing pile of stuff that might just come in useful!!!

This is on it's way to Effie and i'm really really looking forward to adding to her book.

And I must apologise(again!!)for my rubbish pics and post on this blog. If anyone is ever around my neck of the woods and would like to show me (or poke me in the eye) how I should be doing this, I'll ply them with G&T's!!!!!


  1. Fantastic pages, the butterfly is beautiful.

  2. The post is great as is the art that you've done - love how the book is coming together!


  3. It is all looking really great, so much to see.
    Love the colours.
    You are doing really with your posting Irene. X

  4. I think the photos are great! and you are definitely getting the hang of this blogging lark :)

  5. I really like the idea of this book with the split pages etc. It's looking lovely.

  6. Loving the movement in this book x