Friday, 10 August 2012


Well since my last post my trusty old(ish) desktop has died a sad but overdue death. Fortunately a few months ago I had the foresight to buy an external harddrive and had most of my stuff on that. As well as that every time I seem to have tried to upload any pics my camera batteries been dead so I'm well overdue with this post but here it is...

My latest entry in Attitude - my contribution to a pair journal with Nigel:

Warning: explicit:

As someone mentioned Nigel and I seem to be very well suited in this pair journal. I was thinking that Attitude was turning into a strong female CJ (which is fine) but wanted a broader view of attitude and Nigel emailed to say he was going to go off on a tangent this time! I also scraped some paint on the next page for him to add something too as we've not done anything on each other's pages yet.

Looking forward to getting Turn It Up again :)

Sian x


  1. I like this a lot, the quotes made me giggle. Fab stuff.

  2. Another one chuckling here. Certainly fits the theme indeedy :D

    You've also reminded me I need to return to my search for an external hard drive for back-ups too so thanks for that :)

  3. Ah - she's the girl from the Distillers? Yup, she's got attitude :)

    Glad you had all your stuff backed up!

  4. I love the quote on the right- mega.