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Running: Desert Island Discs circle journal


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Where is my book?   Last updated 30th July 2:25pm
  • Flo’s “My Soundtrack” journal – still MIA and under investigation by the Royal Mail - but its substitute (the "junk key") is now HOME 
  • Sonja’s “Lost” journal – in transit HOME to Sonja, posted 30/7
  • Nigel’s Desert Island Discs – with Sonja
  • Karen’s Desert Island Discs – posted 30/07
  • Sian’s “Pieces Of Me” journal – in transit to Karen, posted 3/7
  • Pat’s Desert Island Discs – in transit HOME to Pat, posted 29/7
  • Virginia’s Desert Island Discs – in transit HOME to Virginia, posted 25/7
  • Donna’s “Dessert Island Slipped Disc” :) - with Virginia
  • Sherry’s fabric Desert Island Discs – with Donna.  Received by Sherry 13/08 :)
  • Pam’s fabric Desert Island Discs – in transit HOME to Pam, posted 22/7

Original post:

I think it's time for our first circle journal, what do you reckon guys?

All credit for this CJ goes to Virginia, who thought of the Desert Island Discs theme....

Host: Sarah (Flo)

Maximum number of participants: 10

First posting: Thursday 1st November (and monthly thereafter as close as possible to the 1st of the month)

Format:  Anything you like as long as it adheres to the following three guidelines -

1)      Room for 10 people to contribute – this can be anything from the traditional book with pages for 10 double layouts, to 10 bits of fabric which will be sewn together into a quilt or wall hanging at the end, 10 bits of bunting to be strung, 10 matchboxes to decorate and fill, feel free to use your imagination

2)      Some kind of sign in mechanism so we can figure out who did what

3)      Not too heavy or bulky – postage rates are on the up and up – let’s be considerate of the costs people will incur


Your 10 Desert Island Discs – songs that you associate with different events or periods of your life – songs that really speak to you or that you just plain love – songs that define where you have been and who you are now

The idea is that you will provide the list of songs – along with a little note as to what each one means to you / why it was chosen – along with your CJ – and each person along the way will choose one of the songs and illustrate it / produce an entry inspired by it in some way.    

As an added bonus, if possible, it would be great if you have the technology to copy the 10 songs to a CD or memory stick and send it around with the CJ, so that we can listen to your choices too.

And this being Collabor-ART – the twist is that as the CJ passes around the circle on the way back to its owner, future participants may add to or enhance your entry in some way if they wish, as well as working on their own.  And in turn you can add to any entry that came before your own. Which should be fun :)

Before signing up, please read the list of monthly requirements below to be sure that you will be able to comply:
  • Post (by signed for recorded delivery, in a waterproof jiffy bag or box) as close to the first of the month as possible
  • If you are not going to be able to post on time please let both the host, and the person you post to, know ASAP and give them a revised post date that you can definitely stick to (see email list which is sent to you regularly for email address details)
  • Edit this post below every time you send or receive a CJ with the following details:  which CJ you posted/received and the date you posted/received it.  I will hunt you down and nag you mercilessly if you don’t comply, it’s easier just to do it, believe me :)
  • Stick with it for 10 months!  (obviously if something totally unexpected happens and you need to back down, that’s fine, we will be able to work around unforeseen problems, but please don’t sign up if you already KNOW you have a major life change planned part way through this CJ that will disrupt your ability to take part)
Posting order:

Flo à
Sonja à
Nigel à
Karen à
Sian à
Pat à
Virginia à
Donna à
Sherry à
Pam à back to Flo

Please update below when you have posted and when you have received a book:

First posting date, November 1st:

Flo: posted my own book to Sonja 1st November
Sonja:... posted to Nigel 1st Nov. Received Flo's book 2/11.
Nigel: Posted to Karen 5th Nov, rec'd from Sonja 5th Nov
Karen: Posted to Sian 5th Nov. Received from Nigel 7th Nov.
Sian: Posted to Pat Fri 2nd Nov Received from Karen 6th Nov
Pat:  Posted to Virginia 1st Nov received from Sian 5th NovPosted toVirginia 20Nov (off on hols):)
Virginia:  posted to Donna 2nd November received from Pat 3 November 
Donna:...posted to Sherry 1st Nov received from virginia 5th dec ( arrived 3rd  but had to go get it from PO)
Sherry:.... posted to Pam 1st Nov.   Received Donna's record box 5th Nov
Pam: Delivered own book to Flo. Received Sherry's book 02/11/12. Received Donna's box 13/11/12

Second posting date, December 1st:

Flo: posted Pam's CJ to Sonja 3/12, has received Sherry's
Sonja: Posted Sarah's CJ to Nigel 27/11. Pam's arrived 5/12/12.
Nigel: Posted Sonja's CJ 29th Nov. Rec'd Sarah's 30th
Karen: Received Sonja's from Nigel 30/11 Posted to Sian 11th Dec
Sian: Posted to Pat Monday 10th December.. Rcvd Nigel's CJ from Karen 12th December
Pat:  Received Karen'scj 15 Dec
Virginia:  Received Sian's CJ from Pat 21st November Posted both Sian's and Pat's Journals to Donna 29/11/12
Donna:.received from V - (sorry my son signed or it last week only just updated site 07/12) mailed to sherry today ( I feel very bad sorry it is late)
Sherry:  Posted Donna's CJ to Pam 12th Nov.  Received Virginia's from Donna 10th Dec..
Pam: Handed over Sherry's CJ to Flo 7/12, has received Donna's

Third posting date, January 2nd:

Flo:  posted Sherry's CJ to Sonja on 28th December, received Donna's (AMAZING!) CJ 7/1
Sonja:  Sherry's arrived Sat 29/12. Posted Pam's CJ to Nigel 31/12/12 but it won't leave PO until 3/1/13.
Nigel: Posted on 9th, has Pam's CJ 
Karen: received Flo's CJ from Pam, Posted Sonja's on 15/1
Sian: Posted Nigels CJ to Pat Fri 4th Jan first class recorded. Rcvd Sonja's CJ 16/1
Pat:  Posted to Virginia 3rd Jan , received Nigel's Sat 5th Jan
Virginia:  has already done her posting (Sian's journal) for this month, received Karen's CJ 5th Jan
Donna:.posted both journals (Sians and Pams) that I received from Virginia on to Sherry, I have no journal coming from Virginia in January and so will not be posting again until I receive the next journal  (? Feb)  I think that means my next posting date will be March? I have worked in four journals so far so I think that is correct...   Virginia currently has Karen's CJ and will pass this on to you beginning of Feb, and then you post it on beginning of March - so you can have a rest for a bit :) )
Sherry: - Posted Virginia's CJ to Pam 02/01 and rec'd Sian's and Pat's 03/01 (from Donna)  (Sherry, you are due to post on Pat's CJ on 1st Feb and Sian's on 1st March)
Pam: Received Virginia's CJ 3/1, passed Donna's CJ to Flo 7/1

Fourth posting date, February 1st:

Flo:  posted Donna's CJ to Sonja 25/1/13, received Virginia's and Sian's from Pam 9/2
Sonja:   Donna's arrived 26/1/13. I posted to Nigel today 28/1/13.
Nigel: Received and posted 29/01/13
Karen: received from Nigel, passed CJ to Sian's mum 12/02
Sian: Posted Sonja's to Pat 1/2/13. Rcvd Sarah' CJ from mum today :) 16/02
Pat:  Posted Nigel's to Virginia 30/1/13 received from Sian 2/2/13
Virginia: sent to Donna 31/1/2013 received from Pat 31/1/2013
Donna:.  has already done her Feb posting received from virginia 
Sherry: - sent Pat and Sian's journals onto Pam 24/1/13 
Pam: received Pat/Sian journals 26/1, handed over Virginia's and Sian's 9/2

Fifth posting date, March 1st:

Flo:  posted Virginia's CJ to Sonja 27th Feb, received Pat's CJ from Pam 28th Feb
Sonja:    Posted Donna's CJ to Nigel 28/2. Got Virginia's CJ 2/3/13.
Nigel: Posted to Karen 25/02, received Donna's 01/03
Karen: Received from Nigel 26/02 -  posted Pam's 5th March to Sian
Sian: Posted Sarah's CJ to Pat 1st recorded on Friday 1st March. Rcvd Pam's CJ 8th March
Pat:  posted to Virginia and received from Sian 1st March (and the cd now)
Virginia: Posted Nigel's CJ to Donna 1st class recorded on Friday 1st March  Received from Pat - Sonya's journal 
Donna:. posted next day delivery singed for 4th march - received Nigel's CJ
Sherry: has already done her March posting.  Received Karen's from Donna 5th March..  
Pam:  hand delivered Pat's CJ to Sarah 28/2

Sixth posting date, April 2nd:

Flo:  has posted Pat's CJ to Sonja 27/3 and has already received Sian's CJ from Pam
Sonja:  Pat's arrived from Sarah 28/3/13. I posted Virginia's to Nigel 28/3/13. 
Nigel: Received from Sonja 02/04, posted to Karen 02/04
Karen: Received Donna's from Nigel 03/04, handed Sherry's to Sian's mum ! (02/04)
Sian: Posted Pam's CJ to Pat 1st class recorded on Wed 27th March.
Pat:  Posted Flo's CJ to Virginia 27/3  Received Pam's 28th March
Virginia: received from Pat and posted to Donna 6/4
Donna:. received from Virginia 8th April
Sherry:   Posted Karen's onto Pam 20th March. Received Nigels from Donna 30th March.
Pam:  has already done her April posting.  received Karen's CJ from Sherry 21st March

Seventh posting date, May 1st:

Flo: posted Sian's CJ to Sonja 25/4, received Karen's CJ from Pam 2/5
Sonja: Picked up Sian's 27/5.Sent Pat's 1/5.
Nigel: Received Pat's 02/05. Posted Virginia's 01/05. Postie brought it back today as it's too big for work postroom. Will post again tomorrow. :(
Karen: passed to Sian Has Virginia's
Sian: Posted Sherry's to Pat 1st recorded on 20th May / Received Donna's lovely box on 11th May
Pat:   Posted Pam's 25/4  Received Sherry's 22 May
Virginia:Received Pam's Sent Sarah's 1/5/2013
Donna:posted Sonja's to Sherry 2nd May
Sherry:- Posted Nigel's onto Pam 10th April.  Received Sonjas. Posted Sonjas to Pam 15th May.
Pam: received Nigel's, handed Karen's CJ to Sarah 2/5

Eighth posting date, June1st:

Flo: posted Karen's CJ to Sonja 28/5, received Nigel's CJ from Pam 29/5
Sonja:  received Karen's CJ 1/6 and posted Sian's CJ to Nigel
Nigel: Posted to Karen 20/05 received Sian's
Karen:  Received Pat's (early)
Sian: Posted to Pat 1st Recorded 30th May. Rcvd Virginia's 12th June
Pat:  Received Donna's from Sian  3/6 posted to Virginia 3/6
Virginia:  Received Sherry's DID journal 5/6/2013 sending the circular fabric journal tomorrow gulp
Donna:  does not have a CJ to post this month as Sarah's book is still MIA, under investigation by the Royal Mail - however JUNK KEY has been posted to and received by - Sherry 31st May
Sherry: Has received the Junk Key ( Sarah's Sub) 31st may & will add to the assemblage....
Pam:  hand delivered Nigel's CJ to Flo 28/5, received Sonja's

Ninth posting , July 1st:

Flo: posted Nigel's CJ to Sonja 28/6
Sonja:  Got Nigel's CJ 29/6. Posted Karen's to Nigel 3/7/13.
Nigel: Posted Sian's 03/07/13. Received Karen's 08/07/13
Karen: Handed Pat's CJ over to Sian's mum 16th July
Sian: posted Virginia's CJ to Pat 1st recorded 1/7/13. Rcvd Pat's CJ 17th July. Posted Pat's home 29/7
Pat:   posted Donna's to Virginia 29/6 Rec'd virginia's 2/7 Posted Virginia's home 25/7
Donna:  posted by me and recieved by Sherry, I have also recived form Virginia thanks guys...updated 16th July sorry for the delay in giving the update
Sherry: Posted Pam's to Pam 22nd July.
Pam:  hand delivered Sonja's CJ early July

Tenth and final posting , August 1st:

Flo: posted Sonja's CJ home on 30/7, I have also received my "junk key" home which is fab, thank you Donna et al
Sonja:  .My CJ arrived home 31/7/13 and I sent Nigel's away 31/7/13. Thank You.
Nigel: Posted to Karen 30/07
Sian: Posted Pat's CJ home 29/7
Pat:   Posted Virginia's home to her 25/7
Sherry: Posted Pam's home to Pam 22nd July.
Pam:  has hand delivered Sarah's 'junk key'


  1. Sounds good. I'm away to think of my ten songs now. I've missed doing a CJ.

  2. Oh it's gone live, crikey now to pick 10 songs that go back through my life as they do in desert island discs. I must admit a CD to go with the journal is going to be great, but crikey it'll sound seriously weird given the mix of tracks I'm thinking of LOL!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Would love to join in, but can't guarantee you'll like my songs :p

    Now to try and narrow it down to 10!

  5. my cj altered book group is just finishing this will fill the gap perfectly, BUT - how will I get my top 1000 down to ten????

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Me please !! Some of my songs may be a bit 'hmmmm' lol It was THIS November you were thinking of right?? :D

  8. I've been thinking of joining in with this for a while - and have finally plucked up enough courage to sign up - but I must apologise in advance for my songs - naff and pop-py (just like me!)

  9. If anyone is having second thoughts id like to join - can i be first reserve? :P

  10. 'fraid you'd have to be second reserve - Jazz has already put dibs on a spot on the reserve list. If there is enough interest we could start up a second group in a couple of months perhaps?

  11. that would be good sarah :) thanks x

  12. Looking forward to this ... songs are picked, just need to get them onto a CD (need help from hubby as 2 are on Youtube and I am not that technical !!) then I just need to decide which of the 10 I am doing and what to do (eek ... 2 weeks is fast approaching!)

  13. Still angst-injg over my songs lol- Hey Flo- how about we meet up for lunch once a month so i can just hand you the next book lol :)

  14. Fine by me, if you're in the area at the right time, that would be cool

  15. For those of you that know me - this will come as a complete shock BUT ....... my CD is done, my own page is done, other pages are cut to size and all that remains is to write a bit about each of my song choices :D I think I need to lie down as this is SO unlike me lol

    Sian - do you want it earlier than the 1st (as in once it is ready to go? )

  16. Nearly there - just need to do the words to go with the songs :)

  17. I won't be able to post until Monday I'm afraid- or may be able to hand it over :)

  18. I have just edited the post above (orange one) to say I received Nigel's today and also edited Sian's bit as I know she got mine yesterday :)

  19. I have Pam's lovely fabric journal now so that's everything where it needs to be until December....

  20. Sonja - I posted Sherry's journal to you today (December 28th) - and then realised I hadn't done the "collabor-art" thang and embellished the previous entries :( totally forgot. Hopefully someone else will tinker with them down the line :)

  21. received Karen's journal yesterday :) lovely it is! - have to get my thinking cap on now.