Monday, 30 September 2013

Stay at Home CJ - September - For The Love Of Trees

So here we are - our first big reveal day for the Stay at Home CJ!

This month we all worked on Lou's lovely background:

and the theme was 'for the love of trees'

Before we start can I just say a big thank you to all the participants for sending their entries through on time without me having to chase anybody up - that makes my job as host SO much easier :)

So, here we go, in no particular order:

Carmen - acrylics and drawing ink
Lou's techniques used: I stencilled the tree onto tissue paper and applied with matte medium, unfortunately the tissue didn't 'blend' into the background as I expected not sure why as this technique usually works well.  So I  applied inks to the tissue to help the blending a bit more. Scattered some leaves punched from an old bible and added the quote from the poem "The Tree" by
Tom Splitt:

The calm quiet strength of a tree
Anchored deep in the earth
Reaching high in the sky
The calm quiet strength of a tree

The calm quiet strength of a tree
Full of life from its roots
To the tiniest branch
The calm quiet strength of a tree

And oh, how it comforts me
How it teaches me
Without a sound
Then I realize at once
That this tree and I are one
In eternity

The calm quiet strength of a tree
From the weight of its trunk
To its delicate leaves
The calm quiet strength of a tree

The calm quiet strength of a tree
Showing anyone near
All the secrets of time
The calm quiet strength of a tree

Sarah - Pitt pen plus Fresco acrylics
The quote is Emily Bronte, get me being all literary :)

"Trees are poems that earth writes upon the sky" Kahlil Gibran

Sami said: Lou's colours reminded me of autumn, walking through the woods once the
colours have changed. I used gelli prints to collage trees onto her
background and although I was going to add more texture and colour, I really
liked how it looked with just the collage. I added my favourite poem by
Robert Frost, and although not specifically about trees, it always reminds
me of the beauty of autumn.

And that's that for this month - haven't we created a beautiful autumnal forest?!!

It's so cool to see how differently (and in some cases similarly) we all riffed off the same background.

Next month, Carmen's background, theme "beastie":

I can't wait to see where you all go with that one! :)


  1. A fabulous collection entries, love the variety. Hope you all enjoyed using my background. Sarah is it possible to get therm emailed to me so i can print off and make a book?

    Thanks Lou x

  2. Ah I forgot the type up if what I did drat. Will remember for next month love how different they all look amazing. Now next months has already been done mine has takenvon a Scooby doo baddie feel not sure that's what Carmen meant - whoops.

    1. Can't wait to see this Virginia - Beastie is to be interpreted absolutely any way at all. Whatever jumps into your mind - do it :D

  3. They all look amazing! So glad i signed up for this one. Love yours Pat with the stone bench, makes me want to sit a while!

  4. Brilliant work everybody :) so enjoying this |CJ and can't wait to get started on 'Beastie' :D I also forgot to say what I did- tho its simple really- painted a tree with acrylics, inked and used fine liner on it for shading etc, painted a couple of wooden birds :)

  5. Absolutely loving these. All of them!

  6. They're all most beautiful, love them. Great variety. Suzanne

  7. Lovely entries. I am sorry I have waited so long to follow. I am a follower now.

  8. What lovely images and honors to the rooted ones. Nice!

  9. Beautiful tree images...all. Great much creativity!!

  10. Beautiful tree images...all. Great much creativity!!