Wednesday, 28 August 2013

And the Stay-At-Home CJ is ready for the off.....

A big thank you to everybody who is taking part in the Stay-at-Home CJ, I have now received all your backgrounds and made all the colour copies.

These will be posted out this weekend, in the meantime, here's a thumbnail of each one, and due dates for each completed page:

•             30th September 2013 : Lou’s background – theme ‘for the love of trees’

•             31st October 2013 : Carmen’s background – theme ‘beastie’

•             30th November 2013 : Pat’s background – theme ‘steampunk’

•             31st December 2013 : Sarah’s background – theme ‘song lyrics’

•             31st January 2014 : Virginia’s background – theme ‘Shakespeare’

•             28th February 2014 : Pam’s background – theme ‘innocence and experience’

•             31st March 2014 : Sami’s background – theme ‘mermaid tales’

•             30th April 2014 : Gill’s background – theme ‘art in my heart’

•             31st May 2014 : Katie’s background – theme ‘cogs & wheels & rust’

I can't wait for the first big reveal!  Have fun, all :)


  1. Ooh, lovely backgrounds, cursing that I wasn't brave enough to join in! I will certainly enjoy seeing what you all do with them though.

  2. they all look fabulous - can't wait to play

  3. They look great, cant wait to get started!

  4. WOW these are great, we are a colourful bunch!! Looking forward to getting started :)

  5. They all look wonderful! cannot wait to get going on this!!!

  6. Oh wow! This is SO cool! I love what you are doing here - and these backgrounds are JUST gorgeous!
    Thank you too for your sweet homeschooling comment - it's gonna be an interesting year, but yes, I am really loving it so far. I hope you are well! xoxo