Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Stay At Home CJ - Final Reveal - Cogs and Wheels and Rust

So here it is - the end of the Stay-At-Home CJ!

And, sadly, I think it's the end of this blog too - the initial enthusiasm for collaborative projects seems to have waned, to the extent that for the full nine months that this last project has been in play, there haven't been any more started or suggested .... so I think it is time we called it a day.  It was fun while it lasted though guys, thanks for playing along!! :)

I'll leave the blog up so we don't lose the record of the old projects, I think you'll all agree that between us we created a lot of pretty :)

So, anyway, yes, this month we all worked on Katie's lovely background  ^  up there - and her theme was Cogs and Wheels and Rust

Here's what everyone came up with:

by Sami - "I drew the image of the woman onto Deli paper and then modge podged into on the background age. I used neo water colour crayons to colour it and stamps and paint for the details."

by Sarah - "I was inspired by last month's anatomical hearts to have a stab at one myself this time around, with a steampunk twist"
by Pat - "I am putting all my pages together in a book and as the orientation on this page was landscape I made a copy to work on - cut out the birdcage/hand image from the original and added this after adding various images on the background.....and as I have a collection of rusty stuff and cogs in my stash I added these as the final layer"
by Pam - "I just thought a little clockwork owl not wanting to go back to the cage was quite sweet"
by Virginia - "Well this was a lovely background to work on, I dragged out various dies to cut out cogs and wheels from a variety of cardstock and chipboard.  I then set too achieving a rust effect.  I used a dark brown acrylic paint and then used a natural sponge and used burnt sienna and a bright yellow paint colour to create the rust effect.  I was surprised how 'effective' it was.  Then I found out some cog stamps and adhered the rust effect dies and used the cog stamps to create the finished product.  I'm eager to see what everyone else does with this fab background this month and have a sneaky feeling theirs will be an awful lot more inventive than mine.  I've had a blast with this circle journal that never left my paws, mmm so what's the next challenge?"
by Gill - "Thanks so much for organising this - it has been great fun"
by Carmen - "It wasn't till I chopped her up that I realised they are BACKGROUND papers. But I really just kept seeing an angel so made the beautiful background the focus by making a paper doll. I really love her and hope she fits the theme still"

And finally, this incredibly apt entry from Lou - here's hoping that the end of Collabor-ART does prompt the start of other exciting creative journeys for all of us....


  1. end of an era - wow, I've thoroughly enjoyed my time on Collaborart and still have Donna's pairs journal - one of these days we will swap it back. I'm glad you are leaving this up Sarah - you never know it might spark something else in the near future!

  2. Yes it will always be here as an archive, and if the collective mood turns back towards collaborative art maybe we can pick it up again....

  3. Oh I'm so sad it's the end! On both counts.But what an amazing collection to finish on. Love them all in their total differences. It's been so fun playing with you all x x

  4. Fantastic pieces, so sad to see this go. Thanks Sarah for all your hard work xxx

  5. I know I left some time ago, because I didn't really have my head together, but I still look here and I am really sad to see it go. One person alone can't keep it going, especially on a collaborative blog,, so I do understand, but I think it is a great site.

  6. brilliant pieces.
    Many blessings to you as you move on.

  7. Ohh the colors on your blog!! just wonderful!! hope you keep it!!

  8. I just found you so hope you don't move on as this is so inspiring to me....I even joined as a new follower.xx
    .aNNie ♥

    The Journey is the Start
    PS I have candy sponsored by three artist if you would like to join up and join in.

  9. Great variety of artwork - I have a very interesting selection to put together into a book
    Thanks to everyone that took part
    ....and of course a big thank you to Sarah

  10. Some excellant pieces work here.