Monday, 30 January 2017

Collaborative Journalling - NEW OPPORTUNITY


1. General: Cooperative arrangement in which two or more parties (which may or may not have any previous relationship) work jointly towards a common goal.

2. Knowledge management (KM): Effective method of transferring 'know how' among individuals, therefore critical to creating and sustaining a competitive advantage. Collaboration is a key tenet of KM.

3. Negotiations: Conflict resolution strategy that uses both assertiveness and cooperation to seek solutions advantageous to all parties. It succeeds usually where the participants' goals are compatible, and the interaction among them is important in attaining those goals.
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YOU must be a signed up member to this group - see the side bar - get it done

Here is how this artwork will be produced:

I will

1. make a small journal for everybody who is collaborating and I will provide a list of these rules and a mailing list for the journal.

2 . mail a journal out to each person.

You will

3. Work on EVERY page in the journal and mail it onward after 4 weeks. Confirming receipt and postage for each rotation. You will use cheapest mailing method at your disposal - if something goes missing we will replace it, we will not die in a ditch over it...


5. During rotations - There will be NO WINGEING about YOUR postage cost. Mostly because I bear the brunt of the cost of this project, and your contribution is minimal.

6. Each journal will contain a hard copy mailing list FOR THAT JOURNAL - and prompts should you want them. PLEASE MAKE SURE these are always kept with their respective journal.

Once all the journals are returned to me I will make sure they are 'finished'. Mr G will do a video 'prize' draw to determine who gets which finished journal. I will then (registered) mail it out to you. Covered in glorious mail art. (Please confirm your receipt).

This opportunity is for 5 - 10 participants, it will close and commence when we reach critical mass. I will need four weeks to make and mail out your journal so you will have a six weeks heads up at LEAST before you actually need to do anything. If we are oversubscribed I will run a second 'round' that will follow on after the first batch.

Sign up Here (log in - edit this page-  add your name):


If you are not sure  you wan to do this - you can check out my art work here: I promise you will be part of making something beautiful and that, in collaborating with this project, you will experience delight.


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